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Cathay Pacific

Cathay Pacific is Hong Kong's flagship carrier and a founding member of the oneworld® alliance. They have a rich history and a sterling reputation among the giants of the airline industry and currently offer flights to some 110 destinations in more than 30 countries across Europe, Asia, North America, Australia, the Middle East, and Africa.

Cathay Pacific will not accept animals for transport in the cabin of any of their aircraft, with the notable exception of certified service dogs. They will, however, accept dogs, cats, and birds for transport in the cargo hold, so long as all their criteria for transport are met.

For international travel, Cathay Pacific bases their fee schedule on 6 zones. The amount you pay will depend on which zone you are in at the time of departure and which zone you will be travelling to. The zones are defined as follows:

Zone 1 Within Australia, within Malaysia, between Taiwan and Japan/Korea, between Thailand and India/Sri Lanka/ Pakistan/Singapore, between UAE and India/Bahrain, between Sri Lanka and Singapore
Hong Kong, China, Taiwan, Cambodia, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, Singapore, Korea
Zone 2 Japan, Bangladesh, India, Nepal, Pakistan, Sri Lanka
Zone 3 Australia, New Zealand, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, UAE
Zone 4 France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, UK, Russia, South Africa
Zone 5 USA, Canada
Zone 6 Central and South America

A partial schedule for pet travel options is as follows (for complete schedule please consult website):

CARRIER SIZE Cathay Pacific will not allow pets in the cabin of any of their flights. Sizes will vary depending on the size of the animal and the carrier
CARRIER WEIGHT N/A Total weight should not exceed 23 kg (50 lbs) and/or 158 cm (62 in) total dimensions (length/width/height)
CHARGES / FEES N/A Cathay Pacific has a very complex fee schedule;
Fees will depend on the zone you will be travelling from and the zone you will be travelling to.


  • Travelers are reminded that every country has different rules and regulations governing the acceptance and transportation of animals. It is strongly recommended that you contact the consulate, embassy, or government authority for any country (or countries) you will be visiting to ensure that you have met all entrance requirements.
  • Space for pet travel is limited. Please contact Cathay Pacific booking/reservations before you travel to confirm a space on the flight for your pet.
  • Fees associated with pet travel will depend on the zone you will be travelling from and the zone you will be travelling to. Please consult a service agent or the Cathay Pacific website for a full fee schedule.

If you are unable to travel with your pet

If your pet will be travelling unaccompanied, Cathay Pacific Cargo's Live Animal LIFT program has been designed with your pet's comfort in mind. They feature expert handling, a professionally trained and caring staff, and they make every effort to ensure that travel for your pet is enjoyable and stress-free.

Codeshare flights

Pets may not be accepted on flights operated by codeshare partners. It is strongly recommended that you contact any codeshare partners or other airlines directly to familiarize yourself with their individual policies regarding pet travel.

Contact Information

  • Cathay Pacific Reservations (Canada): 1-800-268-6868
  • Cathay Pacific Reservations (USA): 1-800-233-2742
  • Cathay Pacific Cargo (USA): 1-800-628-6960
  • Cathay Pacific Cargo (Canada): 1-800-261-0829
  • Website: Click Here
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