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airBaltic is the national airline of Latvia. From their main hub in Riga, the nation's capital, they serve some 50 destinations across Europe, the Middle East, Russia, and Scandinavia.

airBaltic will allow pets to travel in-cabin or as checked baggage, depending on the size of the pet and the carrier. They currently list dogs, cats, birds, and rabbits as possible candidates for travel in the cabin of the aircraft. Other animals may qualify for transport in the cargo hold, as long as all requirements for travel have been met. If you plan on traveling with your pet, you should contact airBaltic Reservations beforehand to ensure that you will be able to travel with your animal companion.

CARRIER SIZE Maximum dimensions
  • Length: 55cm (22 in)
  • Width: 40 cm (16 in)
  • Height: 20 cm (8 in)
For maximum dimensions please contact airBaltic reservations.
CARRIER WEIGHT Carriers must not exceed
8 kg (17 lbs)
Maximum weight accept is
32 kg (70 lbs)
CHARGES / FEES €50 each way (non refundable) €50 each way (non refundable)


  • It is strongly recommended that you contact the consulate, embassy, or government authority for any country (or countries) you will be visiting to ensure that you have met all entrance requirements.
  • Space for pet travel is limited. Travelers are encouraged to call the Reservations Department prior to travel.
  • airBaltic will not accept pets for in-cabin transportation on any flight to/from Ireland or the United Kingdom. Pets may be allowed to travel as cargo freight, as long as all requirements for travel are satisfied.
  • airBaltic will not allow reptiles or rodents to travel in the cabin of their aircraft.
  • If travel is booked online, you must still contact airBaltic reservations by phone to inform them that you will be travelling with your animal friend.

If you are unable to travel with your pet

airBaltic currently does not list any options for pets travelling unaccompanied. You may need to make arrangements with another airline. Please call the Reservations line for more information.

Codeshare flights

Pets may not be accepted on interline flights or flights operated by codeshare partners. It is strongly recommended that you contact any codeshare partners or other airlines directly to familiarize yourself with their individual policies regarding pet travel.

Contact Information

  • airBaltic Reservations (USA): 1-877-359-2258
  • airBaltic website: Click Here
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