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Alaska Airlines

Alaska Airlines serves not only the state of Alaska, but also much of the contiguous United States, Mexico, Hawaii, and a handful of locations in western Canada. What started out as a plucky little regional airline with a "can-do" attitude has since grown into a major airline serving more than 60 cities and moving some 17 million people every year. Presently, the Alaska Air Group Inc. is the holding company for both Alaska Airlines and Horizon Air.

Alaska Airlines "Fur-st Class™ Care" program was designed specifically to accommodate your pet's travel needs. They will accept pets for in-cabin travel or as checked baggage, and their PetStreak™ Animal Express program was designed specifically for animals travelling unaccompanied. They adhere strictly to all U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) and International Air Transport Association (IATA) standards for the shipment of live animals.

Because pet travel is limited, Alaska Airlines recommends contacting their reservation line as soon as possible to ensure that you will be able to travel with your pet. They also remind travelers that a pet carrier will count toward your carry-on baggage allowance.

CARRIER SIZE Hard-sided carrier:
  • Length: 43 cm (17 in)
  • Width: 30 cm (12 in)
  • Height:19 cm (7.5 in)
Soft-sided carrier:
  • Length: 43 cm ( 17 in)
  • Width: 30 cm (12 in)
  • Height: 24 cm (9.5 in )
Alaska Airlines accepts 5 sizes of carrier. Below are the smallest and largest sizes: Extra small carrier:
  • Length: 53 cm (21 in)
  • Width: 41 cm (16 in)
  • Height: 38 cm (15 in)
Extra Large carrier*:
  • Length: 102 cm (40 in)
  • Width: 69 cm (27 in)
  • Height: 76 cm (30 in)
*Extra large not accepted on all flights.
CARRIER WEIGHT Please contact service agent for details. Pet and carrier should not weigh more than

150 lbs (68 kg).

Any pet and carrier weighing 151 lbs (69kg) or more must travel as cargo freight.
CHARGES / FEES $100 USD each way $100 USD each way


  • For international flights, it is strongly recommended that travelers contact the consulate, embassy, or government authorities for any country (or countries) they will be visiting to ensure that they have met all entrance requirements. Travelers are advised to familiarize themselves with any regional laws or restrictions that may apply.
  • Certain restrictions and procedures exist for animals entering Hawaii. Anyone planning a trip to Hawaii is encouraged to familiarize themselves with these restrictions and procedures.
  • Brachycephalic (or "snub-nosed") breeds of dogs or cats traveling in the cargo hold are accepted at the owner's risk.
  • Restrictions related to extreme weather conditions may apply to certain flights depending on the time of year, the point of destination, and/or the point of departure. Seasonal holiday restrictions may also apply.

If you are unable to travel with your pet

Alaska Airlines has introduced their PetStreak™ Animal Express program to ensure the comfort and safety of all live animals travelling aboard their cargo aircraft. All PetStreak™ Animal Express live animal transports ensure that your pet will be travelling in a pressurized, temperature controlled compartment with appropriate air circulation to make sure your pet will travel in style.

Reservations for the PetStreak™ program can be made online or by calling their reservations line.

Codeshare flights

Pets may not be accepted on flights operated by codeshare and interline partners. It is strongly recommended that you contact any codeshare partners or other airlines directly to familiarize yourself with their individual policies regarding pet travel.

Contact Information

  • Alaska Airlines Reservations: 1-800-ALASKAAIR (1-800-252-7522).
  • Alaska Airlines Cargo Service Center: 1-800-225-2752.
  • Alaska Airlines website: Click Here
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