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Hawaii Airlines

Hawaiian Airlines is one of the most established airlines in operation anywhere in the world. They were originally incorporated in 1929 and have since earned a sterling reputation for safety, service, and performance. Hawaiian offers regular inter-island flights between the Hawaiian Islands; nonstop flights to and from the U.S. mainland; and international flights to American Samoa, the Philippines, Korea, Japan, Australia, and New Zealand.

Because of Hawaii's unique status as a rabies-free region with a unique and fragile ecosystem, safety measures surrounding the admission of any plant or animal species are strictly regulated and enforced. This is not to say that pet travel is impossible - but it can be very complicated if you are not prepared. If all the criteria are not satisfied at the time of arrival, your pet may be subject to a long quarantine period at your expense.

There are currently two rabies quarantine programs for all dogs and cats entering Hawaii: The 120-Day Quarantine Program and the 5-Day-Or-Less Program.

The 120-days Program - 120 days is the required quarantine period for any animal that does not meet the requirements for entering Hawaii, or that does not have the proper documentation at the time of arrival.

The 5-Day-Or-Less Program - In order to qualify for the 5-Day-Or-Less Program, there are several requirements that must be met. Here is a link to the Hawaii Department of Agriculture's checklist: Click Here . Any failure to meet all the requirements may result in a prolonged quarantine for your animal friend, so be sure all vaccinations, blood tests, health certificates, and other required documents are in order.

As far as Hawaiian Airlines policies are concerned, pets are generally only permitted to travel in the cabin on inter-island flights and on flights leaving the State of Hawaii. Any animal arriving into the State of Hawaii will fly as checked baggage or as live cargo and are must also meet all the criteria set by the Hawaiian Department of Agriculture.

CARRIER SIZE For inter-island travel and flights leaving Hawaii only. For all B717 / B767 / A330 aircraft:
  • Length: 40 cm (16 in)
  • Width: 25 cm (10 in)
  • Height: 24 cm (9.5 in)
B717 Aircraft:
  • Length: 91 cm (36 in)
  • Width: 61 cm (24 in)
  • Height: 66 cm (26 in)
B767 / A330 Aircraft:
  • Length:102 cm (40 in)
  • Width: 69 cm (27 in)
  • Height: 76 cm (30 in)
CARRIER WEIGHT Must be less than 25 lbs (11.5 kg) Up to 70 lbs (32 kg)

$35 - Between points within the State of Hawaii.

$175 - Any points serviced by Hawaiian Airlines other than within the State of Hawaii.

$60 - Between points within the State of Hawaii.

$225 - Any points serviced by Hawaiian Airlines other than within the State of Hawaii.


  • As noted above, there are many rules and restrictions one must be aware of when entering the State of Hawaii with a pet. It is strongly recommended that you consult the Hawaiian Department of Agriculture's website (links are included in the "Contact information" section below) to ensure that you have met all entrance requirements for your pet.
  • Pets are only accepted in the cabin of the aircraft for inter-island flights and for flights leaving the State of Hawaii.
  • Pet travel is limited. Travelers are encouraged to contact Hawaiian Airlines in advance to ensure that they will be able to travel with their pets.
  • Brachycephalic (or "snub-nosed") breeds of dogs or cats traveling in baggage or cargo compartments of any aircraft are accepted at the owner's risk.
  • Restrictions related to extreme weather conditions may apply on certain flights depending on the time of year, point of destination, and/or the point of departure. Seasonal holiday restrictions may also apply.
  • Only dogs and cats are permitted to travel in the cabin of the aircraft, provided all requirements are met for in-cabin transport.
  • Any animal and carrier weighing over 70 lbs (32 kg) must be transported via Hawaiian Airlines Cargo.

If you are unable to travel with your pet

If you are not able to travel with your pet, Hawaiian Airlines will accept unaccompanied pets at their Cargo facilities. All pets are subject to applicable fees and space availability at the Cargo facilities. All pets entering Hawaii as cargo are subject to the same conditions and restrictions as other animals. Please be sure all entry requirements are satisfied in order to avoid lengthy quarantine periods.

Codeshare flights

It is strongly recommended that travelers contact any other airlines directly to familiarize themselves with any connecting airline's individual policies regarding pet travel.

Contact Information

  • Hawaiian Airlines Reservations (U.S. and Canada): 1-800-367-5320
  • Hawaiian Airlines Cargo (for live animal bookings): 1-877-HA-CARGO (1-877-422-2746)
  • Hawaiian Airlines website: Click Here
  • State of Hawaii Department of Agriculture Rabies Quarantine brochure (online PDF version): Click Here
  • State of Hawaii Department of Agriculture website: Click Here
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