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Seattle Dog Parks

  • Blue Dog Pond (at Sam Smith Park)
  • 1400 Martin Luther King Jr Way S, Seattle, WA
  • Note: This dog park has a big blue dog at the entrance and a water spigot for the dogs. The park gets muddy when it rains.
  • Dr. Jose Rizal Dog Park
  • 1008 12th Avenue South on North Beacon Hill., Seattle, WA
  • Note: There is a 4 acre fenced dog park and an unfenced area of the park that is also off-leash
  • Genesee Dog Park
  • 4316 S Genesee St. and 46th, Seattle, WA
  • Note: The city has sectioned the park to let some areas rest while leaving the rest of the park open. The middle of the park is gravel which helps with mud. This dog park also has a water spigot.
  • Golden Garden Dog Park
  • 8498 Seaview Pl. NW, Seattle, WA
  • Note: This park is covered in wood chips, benches, and has trees for shade. Dogs are not allowed at the beach or on the playground.
  • I-5 Colonnade Park
  • Beneath I-5, south of E Howe St., Seattle, WA
  • Note: This 1.2 scre dog park is located under I-5 and is shaded and protected from the rain. The park is crushed gravel with benches and a water spigot.
  • North Acres Dog Park
  • 12718 1st Ave. NE, Seattle, WA
  • Note: This park is in the north-east corner of the park and has shade from lits many trees. It also has benches and a water spigot
  • Plymouth Pillars Dog Park
  • Boren Ave. and Pike St., Seattle, WA
  • Note: This fenced dog park is gravel and has a water spigot.
  • Regrade Dog Park
  • 2251 3rd Ave., Seattle, WA
  • Note: This park is small but it is in a prime location downtown. It has a water spigot.
  • Warren G. Magnuson Dog Park
  • 7400 Sand Point Way NE, Seattle, WA
  • Note: This is the only dog park in Seattle that it is legal for the dogs to go in the water. There is a fenced separate area for small dogs.
  • Westcrest Dog Park
  • 9000 8th Ave. SW, Seattle, WA
  • Note: This park has a separate area for small dogs, benches, shelter, lighting, and shade trees. There is water when the hoses are working. Parking is at 8th Ave and there is a bit of a walk to the off leash area; there is a little parking on the surrounding residential streets.
  • Woodland Dog Park
  • Aurora Ave. N and N 59th St., Seattle, WA
  • Note: This fenced off leash park is a sloped park with benches, trees, and a water spigot. The park is behind the tennis courts.

Pet Clinics in Seattle, WA

Broadway Veterinary Hospital
  • 1824 12th Ave, Seattle, WA
  • PH: (206) 322-5444
Eastlake Veterinary Hospital
  • 1536 Eastlake Ave E., Seattle, WA
  • PH: (206) 328-2675
Elliott Bay Animal Hospital
  • 2042 15th Avenue West, Seattle, WA
  • PH: (206) 285-7387
Queen Anne Animal Clinic
  • 6857 Woodlawn Ave NE, Seattle, WA
  • PH: (206) 284-2148
VCA West Seattle Veterinary Hospital
  • 5261 California Ave SW, Seattle, WA
  • PH: (206) 923-3551
West Seattle Animal Hospital
  • 4714 42nd Avenue SW, Seattle, WA
  • PH: (206) 932-3308

Seattle Pet Shelters

Seattle Animal Shelter

The Seattle Animal Shelter fosters safe, healthy and caring relationships between people and animals inour community.

2061 15th Ave. W, Seattle, WA
(206) 386-4294 (Phone)

Pet Friendly Hotels Seattle, WA

Seattle, WA is a great city to visit with your precious pet in tow. In addition to many pet-friendly hotels in the area, the city has a large variety of parks, beaches, restaurants, shopping centers, and even an art gallery that allow pets. Magnuson Park in the Sand Point peninsula has an off-leash dog beach. There are at least fifteen other dog parks in the Seattle area. Most of them are off-leash parks.
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There are numerous outdoor restaurants throughout the area that are pet friendly, so if you plan to eat out, you can bring your best furry friend. The University Village shopping center allows patrons to bring their pets. You can take a ride in a horse drawn carriage and bring your pet along. You can bring your pet along with you when visiting many of the lovely botanical gardens in and around Seattle. Or if you want to go for a ride on a ferry or water taxi, you can bring your beloved pet with you. And once a year, there is the annual PAWS Walk, an event set up to raise money to help rescue and treat homeless animals. Overall, Seattle is a great place to bring your pet.
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Seattle Pet Friendly Hotels

  • from
  • $145
  • Pet Friendly (Oct-16)

We are happy to accommodate cats and dogs weighing up to 80 pounds-one dog or cat?allowed per room. The dog's name, breed, and weight are re...

  • from
  • $149
  • Pet Friendly (Oct-16)

We accept dogs up to 80 pounds and all cats. No pet deposit is required; however, a cleaning fee may be added if necessary. Pets must be acc...

  • from
  • $209
  • Pet Friendly (Oct-16)

  • from
  • $173
  • Pet Friendly (Oct-16)

Pets of all sizes and weights are welcome at W Seattle. A $25 per day fee that covers pet services and amenities as well as a $100 non-refun...

  • from
  • $195
  • Pet Friendly (Oct-16)

  • from
  • $189
  • Pet Friendly (Oct-16)

  • from
  • $175
  • Pet Friendly (Oct-16)

Small dog or cat allowed - 40 lbs or less. Please add type of pet on reservation. Guest is responsible for all property damages or personal ...

  • from
  • $143
  • Pet Friendly (Oct-16)

Pets allowed - max 50lbs, medium size. Non refundable fee of $75.00 per day up to $200.00 max.

  • from
  • $139
  • Pet Friendly (Oct-16)

USD 50 non-refundable cleaning fee Per Stay; maximum of 2 pets allowed

  • from
  • $149
  • Pet Friendly (Oct-16)

USD 20 non-refundable cleaning fee Per Night

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